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Kiaf Seoul 2023

This year, TING TING Art Space participated for the first time in the Korea International Art Fair (Kiaf). Kiaf Seoul brings together top galleries and institutions from around the world and is held concurrently with the international art fair brand Frieze at the COEX Center in Seoul. TING TING Art Space is honored to be part of this event, contributing a distinctive touch to the internationalization of global art.

Adhering to the central idea of sharing contemporary aesthetics with the world, TING TING Art Space presented a joint exhibition featuring eight artists during Kiaf Seoul 2023, injecting fresh artistic nutrients into the exhibition. The booth primarily showcased captivating works from artists worldwide, spanning countries such as Spain, Slovenia, Russia, Israel, Italy, and more. It is believed that this exhibition in Seoul will yield significantly different experiences and provide viewers from diverse cultural backgrounds with a new, frameless, and unrestricted exhibition experience.

We are looking forward to TING TING Art Space’s continued participation in various international art events, anticipating the infusion of fresh ideas and a continued contribution to the creativity and vitality of the global art scene!

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One Art 2023

Ting Ting Art Space will make a grand appearance at “ONE ART Taipei 2023 Art Taipei” at the beginning of 2023. This year, One Art Taipei will be exhibited at “JR East Hotel Taipei” from 1/13 (Fri) to 15 (Sun). Ting Ting Art Space is the first and only gallery in the “Presidential Suite” exhibition room, and it also bears the brunt of bringing 12 artists from Europe to exhibit together. This time Ting Ting Art Space also upholds the spirit of promoting the internationalization of art at home and abroad and looks forward to bringing you an art feast that can be enjoyed by many parties.

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One Offs 2022

The world’s first virtual-real integration, combining physical art works and blockchain NFT as the main axis of OneOffs NFT International Art Fair! The exhibition closely follows the core of NFT, and uses subversive technological art and structure to create artworks that are different from previous “definitions” by artists and their works.

Ting Ting Art Space strictly selects potential emerging artists, presents complete curatorial plans and artistic creation concepts in multiple ways, and creates a unique experience of hotel expos!

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West Bund Art and Design Shanghai 2022

It’s time for another year to bloom in the top international art fairs – Shanghai West Bund and ART021 Contemporary Art Fair. This year, Ting Ting Art Space is one of the few art galleries that was invited to both events at the same time. For this reason, TTAS specially brought our most outstanding art creators to join the event.

At the West Bund exhibition, three artists with novel concepts will be exhibited, namely Kike Garcinuño and Fernando de Ana who are both from Spain, and the most representative artist of Chinese culture, Cai Yi Xiu, the creator of lacquer art.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Cai Yi Xiu, will appear at West Bund to share his works of art with the audience this year. At the same time, he will personally talk about his concept of modern art creation based on traditional culture .

West Bund brings together top galleries and institutions from all over the world, and Ting Ting Art Space also adds a unique color combining Chinese and Western colors to the internationalization of global art.

Ting Ting Art Space has always adhered to the central idea of sharing contemporary aesthetics with the world from an all-round perspective. It is believed that this exhibition in Shanghai will bring a brand-new exhibition experience without frame and limit to viewers of various cultural backgrounds.

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Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2022

ART021 Shanghai  Contemporary Art Fair is one of the most anticipated annual art fairs for artists and audiences around the world. It is worth mentioning that this year, Ting Ting Art Space has the honor to participate in the Shanghai Art Week (Shanghai West Bund West Bund and ART021 Shanghai ),  this appearance is meanwhile very meaningful.

Ting Ting Art Space this time brought the wonderful creations of five artists’ artworks from all over the world to 021 Shanghai. The participating artists are Moisés Yagües, Albert Pinya, Jisbar, AMIT KANFI, Oscar Llorens, and they are from Spain, France and Israel .

Ting Ting Art Space’s debut this time is a joint of global artists, allowing the audience to participate in this visual art feast with immersive enjoyment in all directions.

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Art Taipei 2022

Art Taipei is one of the most important art fairs in Asia, and Art Taipei will be celebrating its 29th anniversary from October 20 to October 24. This time, TING TING ART SPACE is bringing a group exhibition of 10 artists to the fair, and injecting new art into the exhibition during Art Taipei 2022. The booths featured works by artists from all over the world, with artists from Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, and the UK all excited about the Asian debut.

TING TING ART SPACE has continued to participate in art fairs every month during the epidemic for the past two years, and this time Art Taipei has taken the largest booth and planned a solo exhibition by Ms. Carrie Bai and a solo exhibition by MIT media artist Ting-Yu Huang, totaling three booths. In this fast-changing era, we seize every opportunity to promote art. Since 2017, TING TING Art Space has participated in hundreds of international art fairs, and has been invited to Art & Design West Coast Shanghai for four consecutive years, becoming one of the few galleries to be selected. With rich international experience, TING TING ART SPACE has participated in Paris, Miami, Madrid, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei art fairs and expositions…etc., promoting potential artists to the international stage. TING TING ART SPACE is also the only art space in Taiwan that has entered Christie’s and Sotheby’s for four consecutive years.

The Artail Project is a joint project between TIN TIN STUDIO and Bar Home, a famous bar in Tainan, and because of this project, I came up with a new vocabulary for the fusion of Art and Cocktail,” said art curator Ding Chuncheng. Bar Home’s owner, Ah Xiang, has led TCRC to the honor of being one of Asia’s top 50 bars. cocktails. Through dialogue and exchange with art, Artail Project uses everyday objects to tell the story of the diversity and possibilities of art.

With the concept of promoting art and exchanging art with the world, TING TING ART SPACE focuses on accumulating practical experience in international art exhibitions and actively exploring unique art creators from home and abroad. In addition to leading many international artists who are making their debut in Asia, we are also actively establishing new spaces around the world to promote the exchange of art and culture.

For the interpretation of each artwork, Ding Ding Art Space bases its concept on contemporary art, and then re-understands the values in multiple cultures from various perspectives. At the same time, we use contemporary aesthetic taste to provide different viewers and collectors from different communities with different perspectives of appreciation. (Garcinuno) ….. All of them are the most prominent new artists in the world. After this year’s Art Taipei, TING TING ART SPACE will debut in Shanghai during Art Week with two fairs, West Bund and ART 021, and in Taipei in December with American artist Gemma Holzer. In December, ART SPACE will present a major solo exhibition by American artist Gemma Holzer in Taipei. The series of participation events at the end of this year will also give us a sneak preview of more exciting and overseas collaborations for next year, so let’s wait and see!

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Art Solo 2022

Nikichi YOSHIDA onsite

ART SOLO emphasizes exquisite solo shows from artists, in which viewers can explore the artist’s works and their creative process in-depth, and provides accurate benchmarks for collection.

TING TING ART SPACE is delighted to participate in Art Solo 2022 with other 40 top galleries around the world. The art fair is scheduled from April 15 to 17 at Taipei Expo Dome, with VIP preview on April 14. Our presentation includes emerging artists from Europe and Japan, Moisés YAGÜES, Jisbar LAUNAY, and Nikichi YOSHIDA.

Each of our sectors in the art fair interpreted distinguished characteristics of the three artists.

Moisés Yagües

Moisés Yagües imagines the interior of the human head and body as a place where stories take place, where ideas come to life and take literal meaning.

artsolo moise
artsolo moise compressed 1


From softly sculpted objects to expressive figures, Nikichi hopes to bring laughter with his warm feelings to everyone through his works.

Nikichi YOSHIDA onsite
Nikichi YOSHIDA onsite photo


Through a myriad of colors, Jisbar spreads a punk style and a sort of pictorial freedom. The artist approaches with irony the references the pop culture. 

Jisbar LAUNAY onsite photo
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Art Taichung 2022

art taichung website

Art has been a fundamental essence of Taichung for an extensive period of time. With the inauguration of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 1988, an environment to appreciate a diverse array of art has since been opened to the general public. Other cultural and art activities have also been actively taking place in the city, with large areas of natural green zones created through fantastic urban planning which also works well with Taichung’s pleasant weather. Cultural commercial areas are interlaced with luscious trees and other vegetation, blending together areas that the city’s residents can enjoy in their everyday lives, as Taichung continues to be selected on several occasions as the most livable city in Taiwan.

Departing from the deep-rooted progress made in the past fives years, the 10th ART TAICHUNG 2022 will take place this year from July  15th to 17th at the The Lin Hotel Taichung. The overarching theme of this year is Perceptual Dimensions: Sculptures in the Citywhich will focus on how to elevate a city’s aesthetic sense and how to redefine a city’s ethos and ideology. By expanding the art collector demographic and invigorating the art market, ART TAICHUNG 2022 aims at creating a distinctive international art event in Taiwan. Bringing together 77 exhibitors, including 69 Taiwanese galleries, 5 overseas galleries, and 4 youth awards. More than 500 artists and 3,000 splendid artistic creations from home and abroad will be presented in the brand-new location – the 8th to 11th floors of the Lin Hotel in Taichung (the 7th floor is the ticket office and the conference service desk), and the exhibition will be more popular with a novel online exhibition hall preview.

The online exhibition hall has been officially opened at 10:00 am on July 6, 2022 (Wednesday), and the exhibition hall will be open until 7/19 (Tue) 23:59. The public is sincerely invited to use an innovative online method – ART TAICHUNG 2022 x Non-Chizhong Art Online Exhibition Hall OVR, visit the wonderful works of participating artists at Art Taichung!
Online Exhibition :

Ting Ting Art Space is very pleased to participate in the 2022 Taichung Art Fair together with top galleries from home and abroad, bringing artists from all over the world – Moisés Yagües, Albert Pinya, Nicolás Romero, Jisbar, Harry Bunce and Taiwanese emerging artist Chen Xuanyu who won the Taiwan New Artist Award.

ART TAICHUNG 2022 Taichung Art Fair Exhibition Information
VIP Preview|2022 / 07 / 14 (Thu) 15:00 – 19:00
Exhibition Date|2022 / 07 / 15 (Fri) – 17 (Sun)
Opening Hours|12:00 – 19:00 (July 17th to 6:00pm)
Exhibition Venue|Taichung Lin Hotel (No. 99, Chaofu Road, Xitun District, Taichung City)

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Whatz 2022

Whatz 2022

WHATZ acts as a platform in Taiwan that bridges between talented artists and art enthusiasts from around the world; a place for art galleries, artists, collectors to engage and discover more. In 2021, WHAAAAAT’S  rebranded as WHATZ, a neater presentation yet with the same vision to deliver diversity and vibes to the art scene in Taiwan.

TING TING ART SPACE is delighted to participate in Whatz 2022. The art fair is scheduled from 21 to 22 May 2022 at Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, with a VIP Preview and Vernissage on 20 May. Our presentation includes eight emerging artists all over the world, Paolo PIOLTTI, Oscar LLORENS, Judas ARRIETA, Viktoria VEISBRUT, Jisbar, Benjamin SPARK, Cane, Albert PINYA and Nicolás ROMERO.

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Taipei Dangdai 2022

Taipei Dangdai 2022

Taipei Dangdai Art & Ideas”  celebrates its third edition, welcoming new collectors to the Fair and experiencing a significant uptick in market demand for its first outing since 2020. Taipei Dangdai 2022 has closed to strong sales and critical acclaim, welcoming over 20,000 visitors, maintaining its position as the leading arts and culture event in Taipei.

This edition of the Fair celebrates its identity as a regional art fair through deep relationships with art in Taiwan, as well as exploring the possibilities of innovative new technologies that have been embraced over the past two years. Bringing together 62 top-tier international galleries throughout the challenges of travel today, the Fair will offer some 1000 works by 200 artists for the Taiwanese audience in person at the physical art fair and online through a selection of digital platforms.

TING TING ART SPACE is delighted to participate in Taipei Dangdai 2022. The art fair is scheduled from 20 to 22 May 2022 at Taipei World Trade Center, with a VIP Preview and Vernissage on 19 May. Our presentation includes emerging artists from Europe and China, CAI Yi Xiu and Danny GIESBERS.


CAI Yi Xiu

CAI Yi Xiu

To CAI Yi Xiu, art is the playground of solitary. His works of Chinese Lacquer act as the bridge between him and the physical world. As his new project, Cai Yi Xiu often falls into a status, of which he feels the nature within and self without. Artist throw himself into the paintings with iterative lacquer layers, through the trace of time, the medium develops into the superimposed image of substance and self.


 Danny Giesbers

Danny GIESBERS is intrigued by complexity and ever-moving change. That change may be in personality and personal longings, perspectives on society, society’s holism, significant future events and the numerous variables at play, or the interrelationships in an ecosystem. Giesbers’ art feeds on these changes, making his work all about transformation, harmony, dissonance, dimensions, and contemplation of past and present themes. Emotions also drive his art, as he uses it as a gateway to express feelings and evoke one of his favorite emotions, serenity. Thin layers of color and transparent interlayers in his works create a multi-dimensional expression to the viewers.