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West Bund Art and Design Shanghai 2022

It’s time for another year to bloom in the top international art fairs – Shanghai West Bund and ART021 Contemporary Art Fair. This year, Ting Ting Art Space is one of the few art galleries that was invited to both events at the same time. For this reason, TTAS specially brought our most outstanding art creators to join the event.

At the West Bund exhibition, three artists with novel concepts will be exhibited, namely Kike Garcinuño and Fernando de Ana who are both from Spain, and the most representative artist of Chinese culture, Cai Yi Xiu, the creator of lacquer art.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Cai Yi Xiu, will appear at West Bund to share his works of art with the audience this year. At the same time, he will personally talk about his concept of modern art creation based on traditional culture .

West Bund brings together top galleries and institutions from all over the world, and Ting Ting Art Space also adds a unique color combining Chinese and Western colors to the internationalization of global art.

Ting Ting Art Space has always adhered to the central idea of sharing contemporary aesthetics with the world from an all-round perspective. It is believed that this exhibition in Shanghai will bring a brand-new exhibition experience without frame and limit to viewers of various cultural backgrounds.

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Cai Yi Xiu

Cai Yixiu was born in Fujian in the year 1987. After graduating from Fuzhou Arts and Crafts School, Cai Yixiu started interning at the studio of Shanghai-based artist Su Xiaobo in 2008. He has been working in the field of lacquer art for many years and is now a professional artist. He focuses on lacquer art creation and is affectionately referred to as Cai Yixiu by his friends due to his resemblance to the character “Yixiu.” His real name is Cai Chuanxiao. “The integration of tradition and modernity has always been what I’ve been exploring,” Cai Yixiu said. During his youth, Cai Yixiu studied under the guidance of artists Zheng Chongyao and Su Xiaobo.

Initially, during his self-exploration and creative phase, he leaned more towards mastering the technical aspects of craftsmanship. Under the tutelage of Zheng Chongyao, he honed his craft skills. However, after coincidentally meeting Su Xiaobo, he broke free from the confines of traditional craftsmanship and seemed to discover a new world. From then on, he began contemplating the subtle connection between art and craftsmanship. Cai Yixiu also mentioned the challenges he faced during his studies. Both teachers held high standards for themselves and extended the same to their students. The traditional techniques of Zheng Chongyao and the contemporary artistic language of Su Xiaobo complemented each other and collided in fruitful ways. This experience influenced Cai Yixiu’s creations, and now his lacquer art is “shedding” its past. Breaking away from traditional craftsmanship, Cai Yixiu presents a fresh perspective on lacquerware that deviates from the norms set by artists in the field. Despite the costliness of lacquer, the young artist Cai Yixiu hopes to not view lacquer art merely as a craft but rather as a material for free artistic expression, breaking traditional rules under the influence of art.

Viewers often sense “vicissitude” and “loneliness” in your creations. Can you share the story behind these themes in your life?Cai Yixiu: Many people who see my work say that it doesn’t seem like something created by someone my age. The traces of time evident in my works often stem from personal life experiences. In the work environment in Fuzhou, I am essentially on my own, and my creative space is relatively enclosed. Facing walls that carry the remnants of time on a daily basis, being in constant contact with these atmospheres, it naturally has an impact.



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Taipei Dangdai 2022

Taipei Dangdai 2022

Taipei Dangdai Art & Ideas”  celebrates its third edition, welcoming new collectors to the Fair and experiencing a significant uptick in market demand for its first outing since 2020. Taipei Dangdai 2022 has closed to strong sales and critical acclaim, welcoming over 20,000 visitors, maintaining its position as the leading arts and culture event in Taipei.

This edition of the Fair celebrates its identity as a regional art fair through deep relationships with art in Taiwan, as well as exploring the possibilities of innovative new technologies that have been embraced over the past two years. Bringing together 62 top-tier international galleries throughout the challenges of travel today, the Fair will offer some 1000 works by 200 artists for the Taiwanese audience in person at the physical art fair and online through a selection of digital platforms.

TING TING ART SPACE is delighted to participate in Taipei Dangdai 2022. The art fair is scheduled from 20 to 22 May 2022 at Taipei World Trade Center, with a VIP Preview and Vernissage on 19 May. Our presentation includes emerging artists from Europe and China, CAI Yi Xiu and Danny GIESBERS.


CAI Yi Xiu

CAI Yi Xiu

To CAI Yi Xiu, art is the playground of solitary. His works of Chinese Lacquer act as the bridge between him and the physical world. As his new project, Cai Yi Xiu often falls into a status, of which he feels the nature within and self without. Artist throw himself into the paintings with iterative lacquer layers, through the trace of time, the medium develops into the superimposed image of substance and self.


 Danny Giesbers

Danny GIESBERS is intrigued by complexity and ever-moving change. That change may be in personality and personal longings, perspectives on society, society’s holism, significant future events and the numerous variables at play, or the interrelationships in an ecosystem. Giesbers’ art feeds on these changes, making his work all about transformation, harmony, dissonance, dimensions, and contemplation of past and present themes. Emotions also drive his art, as he uses it as a gateway to express feelings and evoke one of his favorite emotions, serenity. Thin layers of color and transparent interlayers in his works create a multi-dimensional expression to the viewers.