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One Art 2023

Ting Ting Art Space will make a grand appearance at “ONE ART Taipei 2023 Art Taipei” at the beginning of 2023. This year, One Art Taipei will be exhibited at “JR East Hotel Taipei” from 1/13 (Fri) to 15 (Sun). Ting Ting Art Space is the first and only gallery in the “Presidential Suite” exhibition room, and it also bears the brunt of bringing 12 artists from Europe to exhibit together. This time Ting Ting Art Space also upholds the spirit of promoting the internationalization of art at home and abroad and looks forward to bringing you an art feast that can be enjoyed by many parties.

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“The More Loving One” Gemma Holzer’s debut Asian solo exhibition

Dreams Without You

At the end of 2022, Ting Ting Art Space hold a news about the first solo exhibition in Asia of Gemma Holzer, a British  based modern artist. Gemma, who is only 26 years old, spent a year preparing for the exhibition of “The More Loving One”.

As for the large-scale solo exhibition jointly planned by Ting Ting Art Space and TIN TIN STUDIO curatorial office, once again interpreted the possibility of art exhibitions with a new concept, combined various elements, and absorbed the core of the creative concept to tell a story.

A sad yet romantic love story from the source creator.

“The More Loving One” is taken from a poem by the famous 20th century poet W H Auden. This is the basis of the overall creative presentation and painting concept in this exhibition, and it can be said to be the source of inspiration for the entire exhibition. It’s a journey through loss, heartbreak, letting go, and moving on, while also echoing the art-maker’s ode to the man who was once at the center of her life.

Gemma Holzer reflects the imagery of childishness through her own heart, transforming the overall atmosphere of the work into the subtle relationship and distance between people after they grow up. At the same time, her works also reveal the resonance of the collective loneliness of this generation of people living in the post-digital era. Gemma has always used deliberately oversaturated scenes, sometimes bright and colorful, sometimes dark and ethereal, to depict her own youthful, passionate, free-spirited and exclusive memories.

Most of Gemma Holzer’s creations use the autobiographical character PinkBoy as the protagonist, and her creations are inspired by life experiences, interpersonal relationships, and self-growth. In Holzer’s creative world, PinkBoy grew up in isolation in the era of the epidemic. Similarly, in real life, the sincere connection between people is being swallowed up step by step by the rapid flow of digital technology. Gemma, or you and me who live in this era, are just like the Pink Boy in the painting who yearn for more interaction with the outside world, but are unable to extricate themselves from being isolated in their own small world.

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Art Taichung 2021

Óscar Llorens

TING TING ART SPACE brings the creations from multiple emerging artists overseas and Taiwan for ART TAICHUNG.

The biggest highlight of the exhibition space is the bathroom which was build with utmost care by artists Judas Arrieta, Oscar Llorens and Viktoria Veisbrut. 

Entering this space, you can see toy banknotes covering floor and bathtub. In addition, these connects with different works ingeniously.

The creations of the three young artists merge the classic creations of art history, as well as materials such as cartoons and contemporary trend brands, reflecting the creative energy of emerging art creators.

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Gemma Holzer

Through the use of childlike imagery, artist Gemma Holzer reflects upon the universal emergence into adulthood and the interpersonal relationships we hold with one another. Her work reveals the collective loneliness that resonates in our post digital age.

Gemma makes large scale paintings that use brightly colored acrylic and oil on canvas. The paintings have a vibrant and flat quality that mimic the online realm. Her art is a transposition of digital drawings into physical painting. Flat, and profoundly still, the images exist as vacuums of time. These overly saturated scenes suggest memories of youth.Her work explores themes concerning interpersonal relationships, loneliness and reality, through the use of childlike imagery. The paintings are an escape from reality; the intention being to take the viewer into a make-believe virtual world.Gemma’s work revolves around a fetus-like character named PinkBoy, who inhabits worlds appropriated from existing cartoon imagery. PinkBoy is a self-portrait; a personal avatar; a depiction of childhood. He is placed within the artificial worlds to consider issues around being human in today’s age.