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West Bund Art and Design Shanghai 2022

It’s time for another year to bloom in the top international art fairs – Shanghai West Bund and ART021 Contemporary Art Fair. This year, Ting Ting Art Space is one of the few art galleries that was invited to both events at the same time. For this reason, TTAS specially brought our most outstanding art creators to join the event.

At the West Bund exhibition, three artists with novel concepts will be exhibited, namely Kike Garcinuño and Fernando de Ana who are both from Spain, and the most representative artist of Chinese culture, Cai Yi Xiu, the creator of lacquer art.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Cai Yi Xiu, will appear at West Bund to share his works of art with the audience this year. At the same time, he will personally talk about his concept of modern art creation based on traditional culture .

West Bund brings together top galleries and institutions from all over the world, and Ting Ting Art Space also adds a unique color combining Chinese and Western colors to the internationalization of global art.

Ting Ting Art Space has always adhered to the central idea of sharing contemporary aesthetics with the world from an all-round perspective. It is believed that this exhibition in Shanghai will bring a brand-new exhibition experience without frame and limit to viewers of various cultural backgrounds.

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Fernando de Ana


Fernando de Ana is best known for his abstract geometric creations that are crafted using the complex technique of resin and complemented with elements of neon and iridescence. His work can best be described as an overlap between painting, sculpture, and collage, and the materials selected are the foundation for his work.He follows minimalist practices, and carefully arranges the overlapping features of his work to evoke themes of interaction, creating a dialogue between both the viewer and the work, and the viewer and their environment.

Fernando originally graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and initially focused on graphic design in the Netherlands, but more recently decided to return to Spain and focus on his artistic career. Since then, he has captured the attention of a variety of collectors, foreign galleries, and media, solidifying his place in the art world.

His work is also displayed in a variety of private collections including but not limited to: Louis Vuitton, Santander Central Hispanic Bank, Casino of Madrid, Colonial Collection, Hines Collection, and Watson, Farley and Williams Collection.