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Mads Rafte Hein

Mads Rafte Hein lives in Roskilde and works in Copenhagen. He has achieved the title of Graphic Designer from Copenhagen Technical College in the Graphic department. In addition, he has been taught by renowned artists such as Grethe Bagge, Bjørn Poulsen, Peter Carlsen and Peter Nansen Scherfig.He has exhibited in Germany and participated in several different exhibitions in Denmark, including at Charlottenborg’s Spring Exhibition three times and the Artists’ Autumn Exhibition one time. His works are found in many private collections and in art associations.

His works focus on presenting a broad range of interiors, done in a style that is specific to his oeuvre. He is very comfortable creating rooms filled with decorations, still, lifes bursting with details and arrangements brimming with pastel colors. To elevate his body of work further, he decided to experiment with the “outside”. The new paintings are now also getaways to the natural world, the environment away from the “four walls”, Mother Nature in its full bloom. The artist takes his inspiration all over visual culture, starting with photography, golden age paintings, collages and books, to videos and old movies. Looking for a revelation in a process, but always a fruitful one. Therefore, the landscapes by Rafte Hein are a blend of culture together with nature. “His recent paintings are colorful and vibrant, with a common theme of bright pink, yellow and turquoise. They are infused with contrast – mixing objects, scenes and even centuries. His work has been exhibited in group and solo shows in Denmark.

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An Exclusive on French Pop-Street Artist Jisbar: “Even the Mona Lisa Likes Luxury Goods?”

Jisbar’s achievements are a result of his deep passion for art and undying work ethic. The thought of wanting to be an artist for a living planted a seed which continuously motivated Jisbar, starting from small exhibitions in bars and restaurants to eventually having his works shown in galleries around the world. Jisbar mentions with a smirk that his accomplishment is all from subtly influenced by his mother who loves to collect art works by young artists and even invites them over for dinner. Every time he saw said artists he would think: “they’re so cool, I want to be like them!”

Not Just Reproduction! Classic art, Street Art and Desire Rolled into One.

Looking into those impressive and colorful works, it’s hard to believe these are all from an artist who never received a formal art education and never studied art history. For Jisbar, oil painting reproduction is an important self-study process: ”I desire to know how The Birth of Venus by Botticelli was completed.” He pointed to the drafts laid out in his studio, and told us that tools, painting techniques and other details are the goals of his research.

One can tell from his most famous art work ”Tom & Jerry Blue Mona” that Jisbar hasn’t just made a replica of other paintings, but rather he has integrated elements of daily life which might otherwise be ironic. When it comes to the daily-life elements which permeate his work, it could be anything from the lyrics of a song, a press, a text message to even a pair of shoes or a purse. All of his works carry a strong and recognizable pop-street style unique to Jisbar himself.Jisbar reminds us that globalization and societies which are dominated by consumerism seep deeply into our lives. He wants to make a record of the phenomena that people of modern times are faced with such as cultural assimilation, mono-fashion trends and various addictions.

Rolling StoneRockstar Mona, 2022, Mixed media on canvas, 146 x 114 cm
Kaws & Jerry, 2022, Mixed media on canvas, 100×81

Stepping Out of One’s Comfort Zone: Collaborating with Brands and Setting Trends.

Instead of going with the flow, Jisbar tends towards activism. He prefers to collaborate with commercial brands rather than work alone in the studio. “Collaborating with brands gives me more opportunity to get out of the studio to meet different people, to step out of my comfort zone and also help me stay on the cutting edge of pop trends.” Aside from these reasons, he also appreciates working in different ways as it allows him to stay inspired. He also mentions that thanks to the professionalism of the people he collaborates with, he is able to focus all of his energy on generating new and interesting ideas.

“Actually, I am so lucky to be able to choose who I want to work with,” said Jisbar. In order for both sides to be satisfied with the final products, Jisbar tends to collaborate with celebrities and brands which align with his values. Last year, he was invited to attend the 24 du Mans 100 year anniversary. It made Jisbar, who already had an interest in car racing, thrilled as he now had the opportunity to paint on the surface of the car while 40 million people watched on a live broadcast. Thus, his artwork was energetically displayed during the event.

On the topics of experiencing periods of fruitful creativity as well as imagining future forms of art, Jisbar commented that “if I paint a work of the Mona Lisa wearing a mask right now, it might be meaningless, but if I had done it at the time when the pandemic was raging, the work would be meaningful.” In the past, the main functions that art served were those of decoration and beauty; however contemporary art is primarily concerned with conveying a message. As for the everchanging future, art must act as a record of one’s generation. Jisbar encourages anyone who wants to be an artist to “find their own style.” He emphasizes that engaging in art is like long-distance running – you need to do it step by step. Go out,  interact with others and exchange ideas whilst living out your own philosophy. At the end of the interview, Jisbar revealed that he will be collaborating with a high fashion brand next year. What is the brand? What form will the final product take? Jisbar keeps us in suspense.

la vie October 2023



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Kiaf SEOUL 2023

This year, TING TING ART SPACE participated for the first time in the Korea International Art Fair (Kiaf). Kiaf SEOUL brings together top galleries and institutions from around the world and is held concurrently with the international art fair brand Frieze at the COEX Center in Seoul. TING TING ART SPACE is honored to be part of this event, contributing a distinctive touch to the internationalization of global art.

Adhering to the central idea of sharing contemporary aesthetics with the world, TING TING ART SPACE presented a joint exhibition featuring eight artists during Kiaf SEOUL 2023, injecting fresh artistic nutrients into the exhibition. The booth primarily showcased captivating works from artists worldwide, spanning countries such as Spain, Slovenia, Russia, Israel, Italy, and more. It is believed that this exhibition in Seoul will yield significantly different experiences and provide viewers from diverse cultural backgrounds with a new, frameless, and unrestricted exhibition experience.

We are looking forward to TING TING ART SPACE’s continued participation in various international art events, anticipating the infusion of fresh ideas and a continued contribution to the creativity and vitality of the global art scene!

For more detailed information, please visit the official website:


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Art Taipei 2023

The 30th anniversary of ART TAIPEI, the Taipei Art Fair, was grandly held at the Taipei World Trade Center, bringing together renowned galleries, artists, and art enthusiasts from around the world. TING TING ART SPACE showcased the works of 16 distinct artists, creating a unique visual feast and adding a vibrant touch to the exhibition!

The booth primarily presented contemporary art using various mediums, such as self-illuminating cast glass, layered wire sculptures, and sculptures breaking through the two-dimensional limitations. It aimed to discover and reunderstand the values within diverse cultures from different perspectives, offering a refreshing and immersive experience.

TING TING ART SPACE collaborated with internationally acclaimed emerging artists like Moisés, Katharina, Ryaskartstyle, Alejandro, Edoardo, and others, presenting a space for artistic exchange that combines innocent childlike charm, surreal futuristic sensations, and the healing tranquility of emptiness. This collaboration not only conveys the core values of the artists but also guides viewers to delve into the profound meanings behind each artwork, immersing them in this art extravaganza.

For more detailed information, please visit the official website:


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2023 Shanghai 021 Art Expo: Where Art Meets Deep Experiences

Dear esteemed art enthusiasts, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming art extravaganza-the 2023 Shanghai 021 Art Expo. This exhibition promises internationally renowned artists, galleries, and collectors at the Shanghai International Art Center.

The exhibition space has been meticulously designed with different areas showcasing each artist’s unique works. Each space is also connected to create a unified sensory experience. The artworks featured in this year’s 021 Art Expo are related to childhood wonder, purity, and the art of healing and soul, all guides the audience to delve deeper into the profound meanings behind each piece.

You can’t miss the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with these exceptional artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts. Share your passion and insight about art.

For more details, please visit the official website:

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2023 Shanghai West Bund Art and Design:The Art of Refinement

Dear all the art connoisseurs, such a pleasure to pronounce that we are about to embark on a journey of 2023 Shanghai West Bund Art and Design Expo!The expo will gather all the art and design elites from all the world. it’s a fusion of diverse cultures and exploration of different forms of art and design!

The curation aims to exhibit the diversity and unpredictable potential of contemporary art materials. Self-illuminating glass sculptures and so on hope to convey the “warm and powerful texture” to art connoisseurs with unique taste.

This time, we invited the artists: Alejandro Monge, Fernando De Ana, Kaja, Ryaskartstyle, Edoardo Cialfi and Cai Yixiu to liven up the exhibition! Also, you might bond with deeper understanding of the stories behind art and design by artist Cai Yixiu himself and gain fresh perspectives on this exhibition.

For more details ,please visit the official website:

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Dima Kashtalyan

Belarusian artist, illustrator and street artist currently living in Poland. He works with a relatively primitive but meticulous stylistic technique and refers to his work as pointillism.

Dima said: All my photos reflect my inner world, my emotions, my life positions and principles. I only paint what I sincerely believe in and think is worth doing, even if it’s unpopular or not that common.Art has a strong influence on people, and the way it does so depends on the author and those who bring the object of art to the public. Before creating new work, I carefully consider the ideas, messages, and artistic means that I want to make a point.In my art I always ask questions that are relevant both to modern society and to individuals. For this I mostly use well known objects and give them non-standard form and symbolism. Additionally, I try to develop and maintain my signature style with each production.To enhance the effect of my artwork, I use large format and carefully detail each piece. In this case, a person is more likely to stay at work to check it out and appreciate how much time and effort went into the picture.Also, when creating a new job, I always try to make it better and more interesting than the previous job, thus developing my skills while drawing.

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Santi Lara

Born in Tomelloso, 1975. Lara lives and works in Granada (Spain). PhD in Fine Arts (University Complutense of Madrid). After beginning his training at the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia, he later moved to the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he graduated. He then went on to study at the Faculté d’Arts Plastiques in Bordeaux, from where he moved to Paris. Lara also spent long periods in Berlin. His career shows a wide recognition with awards such as the Royal Academy of Spain ,the Casa de Velázquez and GlogauAIR Berlin residencies.

Lara’s work has been exhibited in Spain, Germany, UK, Italy, and other European countries, and has been the recipient of several distinguished awards and scholarships for his ability to transport the paint to neighboring territories between reality and fiction.His figures levitate among forests and coexist with elements of contemporary culture.Lara’s aesthetics dissolves clear distinctions between avant-garde and mass culture and reveals the mechanisms of importance of the culture industry. His work is a reflection on the potentials of paintings in the era of media.

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Katharina Arndt POP-UP Exhibition

East German female artist illustrates her thoughts on the absurdity of modern filters and how consumerism fits in our society

First Asian Solo Exhibition at Ting Ting Art Space

Katharina Arndt was born in 1981 East Germany right before the two sides united. Even though from her birth till the unification in 1990, Katharina only experienced about ten years of communist society. This childhood life experience shaped her values and perspective, making her sojourn in Barcelona, Spain quite a culture shock and making her reflect on the different social culture.

For years, Katharina lived between Berlin and Barcelona. The two places are entirely different in national spirit, artistic cycle, and cultural sentiments. All of these factors and perspectives from the past communist East Germany made Katharina’s artistic perception, source of inspiration and her chosen media each possess their unique meaning and depth.

She grew up in a system and environment that did not have the concept of consumerism and a consumerist system but only consisted of people’s communes; years later, when Katharina was freely enjoying the Western consumerist products, such as beaches, sunshine, shopping etc., she could not help but start to reflect on this crossover of her social experiences from two opposite societies. She then took a step further and discussed the shallowness of human nature, and the behaviors and living attitude limited by all sorts of restrictions created by social media.

Showering under sunlight in Barcelona, lazily drinking iced alcohol or beverages on the beach, smoking from time to time… people are always taking pictures: of the sky, of the light, of the beach, of the food and alcohol, of themselves or each other… nonstop. After taking the pictures, people add on filters to embellish. Yet this heavenly sight, a series of filtered and perfect behavior and photos, yet when we put down our phones and look around, it is then when we discover the beaches covered in all kinds of leftovers, cigarette butts, and trash created by our behaviors.

Katharina ARNDT, Barceloneta Beach, 450 x 190 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2023

Katharina consciously chose to use a more childlike brush stroke, meant to remain a distance from the real world; therefore presenting things as they genuinely are.

Lines seemingly simple and rough are actually well thought out and designed. Katharina’s personalized artistic interpretation abandons complicated figurative description and depicts the objects through focused and conceptual strokes.

Katharina uses lots of manmade materials (e.g. PVC film, painted paper and fiberglass), glossy acrylic and paint marker as her creative medium, meant to use the smooth texture and visualization to mock our world now that is filled with plastic and over-materialized.

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Giorgio Tentolini

Giorgio Tentolini was born in Casalmaggiore (Cremona) in 1978, he trained in Graphic Arts at the Toschi Art Institute in Parma, to graduate in design and communication at the University of Reggio Emilia. After stages with artists such as Marco Nereo Rotelli, he began a very personal research with installations on a photographic basis, for which he immediately obtained significant recognition. His paintings are influenced by his work as a photographer when he used to break down images in chiaroscuro levels.

Each of his works is born from a precise investigation of Time as memory and identity, in a careful and slow reconstruction that takes place with the study of light and the engraving of layers of different materials, fabrics, papers, PVC. Tulle and adhesive tape are the current medium of his search for the meditative lightness that its layers give back to the image, a metaphor for places and memories, dreams and visions. A pictorial work living the reality of sculpture.

Through the stratification of memories and experiences, the image resurfaces in this intangible substance, made possible only by losing oneself in a vision that does not follow the cognitive parameters of perception, raising doubts and questions about the true consistency of human being and the impossibility of fully grasping the essence of reality.