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One Art 2023

Ting Ting Art Space will make a grand appearance at “ONE ART Taipei 2023 Art Taipei” at the beginning of 2023. This year, One Art Taipei will be exhibited at “JR East Hotel Taipei” from 1/13 (Fri) to 15 (Sun). Ting Ting Art Space is the first and only gallery in the “Presidential Suite” exhibition room, and it also bears the brunt of bringing 12 artists from Europe to exhibit together. This time Ting Ting Art Space also upholds the spirit of promoting the internationalization of art at home and abroad and looks forward to bringing you an art feast that can be enjoyed by many parties.

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One Offs 2022

The world’s first virtual-real integration, combining physical art works and blockchain NFT as the main axis of OneOffs NFT International Art Fair! The exhibition closely follows the core of NFT, and uses subversive technological art and structure to create artworks that are different from previous “definitions” by artists and their works.

Ting Ting Art Space strictly selects potential emerging artists, presents complete curatorial plans and artistic creation concepts in multiple ways, and creates a unique experience of hotel expos!

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Gabrielle Graessle

Gabrielle Graessle was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1956, and has been learning to draw and create since she was a child. She studied for 5 years at the Zurich University of the Arts and received a BA in Graphic Design. She had her first solo exhibition when she was still a student, and during this period, she mainly created self-portraits in black and white charcoal.

Gabrielle settled in Andalusia in 2015. She decided to once again immerse herself in her own whimsical world and express herself in a figurative style. Therefore, she located her studio in an old villa of the countryside, a place where she can forgets all her distractions, and then immerse herself in the mother nature to concentrate on her creations. In 2020, she re-presented her work at Art Fairs in Barcelona and Madrid, and participated in group exhibitions in Germany and France.

“I paint all what surrounds me, what I see. My work is intuitive and inspired by whatever takes my interest.”

All kinds of sorts enter into Gabrielle’s drawings and paintings: animals, nature, fashion, films, books, news, also feelings, music, images from childhood up to now, there’s no restrictions.Gabrielle’s paintings can be described as colorful, and figurative. We can find it apparently that she loves large paintings the most, as she explained that it’s such a blessed to be surrounded by her creative paintings.“I work normally on 4-6 paintings at the same time and switch between drawings and paintings, which frees me again and again and also leads to my work to new topics……”For her, this is a way to get an endless source of inspiration. Gabrielle’s creation is intuitive and unplanned, which allows each of her pieces to take on a life of their own.Now she lives and works in a old cottages in the south of Spain where she has several studios to paint and to draw. Her paintings are colorful, figurative, and peculiar, sometimes accompanied by words, sometimes with glitter.