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Art Central 2024

Ting Ting Art Space is making its debut at the prominent Art Central in Central, Hong Kong, a focal event during Hong Kong Art Week. Gathering Asia’s emerging galleries and internationally renowned masters, the exhibition will feature seven artists spanning from playful and bold prints to street art graffiti, from abstract symbols to serene landscapes that offer solace to the soul. Additionally, alongside the paintings, large-scale sculptures will also be showcased.

Sculpture work – “Ashes of History,” created by Spanish artist Alejandro Monge, uses destruction as a new form of creation for reflection. The artwork to be exhibited at Art Central is a realistic series of burnt dollar bills. Monge recreates stacks of bills using paper and acrylic paint, ultimately burning them to ashes. Through the act of burning his own creations and their imagery, Monge satirically embodies his critique of the all-encompassing rule of today’s societal and economic values. This series of works has garnered widespread international media coverage and attention.

Overall, the curatorial layout and arrangement of artworks designed by Ting Ting Art Space revolve around a circular corridor space. Additionally, the exhibition walls cleverly feature a window-like void, enticing both passersby and visitors to explore the artworks placed around it. Ting Ting Art Space aims to evoke interaction between viewers and artworks, as well as diverse aesthetic experiences from different positions and angles through this experimental design.

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Art Tainan 2024

Ting Ting Art Space will participate in the 2024 Tainan Art Expo, held at the Silks Place Tainan from March 14th to March 17th. As the first major art event of the spring in Taiwan, the Tainan Art Expo is set to become a significant milestone for exhibitions and collections in Taiwan in 2024. Ting Ting Art Space will collaborate with 13 European and Japanese artists, connecting three exhibition halls to showcase contemporary and visually impactful artworks. This will provide art enthusiasts and collectors with a unique and distinctive exhibition experience.

  • Spanish artist Moisés Yagues presents his latest work.

Artist Moisés Yagues’ works are characterized by simplicity, clarity, freshness, and harmony. His imagery is sometimes delicate, sometimes powerful, critical, or humorous. Mostly featuring round-headed figures, he portrays the inner world of characters often accompanied by elements such as ladders, flowers, and cables, evoking a sense of poetry, elegance, and dynamism. In this exhibition, Ting Ting Art Space will present the artist’s latest works, anticipating to unveil a new world of humor and imagination for the viewers. 

  • Surrealist sculptor Alejandro Monge’s large-scale figurative works.

On the 6th floor public exhibition area, visitors can admire the large-scale figurative sculptures by Spanish artist Alejandro Monge. Skillfully employing trompe-l’oeil techniques, reminiscent of his expertise in surrealistic painting, Monge aims to deceive the viewer’s eyes and transcend the limitations of two-dimensionality. Now focusing more on sculpture and installation art, his works delve deep into reflecting and questioning contemporary societal values.

  • Rhys brown Vegan Gyotak T-shirt

Artist Rhys is renowned for his childhood-favorite relief style, flattened plush printing, and oversized teddy bear paintings. This creative technique, named Vegan Gyotak by Rhys, draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of fish printing, known as Gyotaku, and evokes memories of the French post-war avant-garde artist Yves Klein’s “Untitled Anthropometry.” His method of creation is based on the dynamics of the body and the amount of ink in specific areas, making each Gyotak print unique. Ting Ting Art Space will also release limited edition Rhys Brown T-shirts, allowing visitors not only to enjoy the exhibition but also to wear their childhood memories.



Collector preview

3/14 15:00-19:00

Public days

3/15 12:00-19:00

3/16 12:00-19:00

3/17 12:00-18:00

Location : Silks Place Tainan  6F~7F

Room:600.601.602 + 6F public space




Antonio Cugnetto

Nicolás Romero

Óscar LIorens

Dima Kashtalyan



Gemma Holzer

Rhys Brown

Katharina Arndt

Edoardo Cialfi

Moisés Yagues

Alejandro Monge


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Whatz 2023

TING TING Art Space presents 12 European artists this time, including Antonio Cugnetto, Albert Pinya, Dima Kashtalyan, Daniele Oldani, Harry Bunce, Jisbar, Jose Macias, Katharina Arndt, Luigi Franchi aka Zino, Miguel Angel Funez, Moises Yagues, Santi Lara. Embracing the spirit of promoting the internationalization of art, conveying the diverse contemporary art to viewers and collectors.

Highlights of the exhibition— Brandnew works of Spanish artist Moises Yagues

Moises Yagues presents diverse styles in his works with either exquisite, bold, or satirical elements. However, he always sets the graceful yet vibrant tone for his work. Moises considers his works children’s painting with free and natural color, giving the audience a brand-new impression of Spanish artists.

Objets d’art of Spanish artists Katharina Arndt

 Compared to Moises Yagues, Katharina Arndt is known for unrestrained, free, and colorful themes in her works. Audiences appear to immerse themselves in her life in Barcelona through the images of beaches, sunbathing, cats, and dogs. The core of her art works revolves around the theme of how the internet influences the world by drawing cartoon-like characters. This reflects how we express and sometimes lose ourselves in the virtual world.

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Art Hsinchu 2023

In 2023, Art Hsinchu features the theme of “The Artistic World of the Metaverse.”, bringing together galleries and interdisciplinary team around the world for the exhibition and wandering through the realms of reality and virtuality. Artistic and cultural development in Hsinchu has limitless potential. Anticipating diverse activities under the theme “The Artistic World of the Metaverse.” Aiming to enhance the artistic and cultural environment of Hsinchu.

TING TING Art Space showcase works by five artists at the Art Hsinchu Expo , including Katharina Arndt, MIGUEL ÁNGEL FÚNEZ, Moisés Yagües, Daniele Oldani and Harry Bunce. This year, TING TING art space aims to present a diversity of contemporary art to viewers and connoisseurs, highlighting its innovative venue which is different from other hotel art fairs. The exhibition promises to provide an impressive experience for attendees.

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Art Taichung 2023

Ting Ting Art Space collaborates with the Art Taichung Expo to conceive and curate a unique exhibition experience, tailoring creative concepts for diverse regions and exhibition spaces, aiming to create an internationally inspired yet locally rooted showcase. Meanwhile, we aspire to grow together with Taiwan’s art industry, fostering a society infused with artistic atmosphere.

Highlight of the exhibition—Spanish artist Oton’s new pieces

Artist Oton excels at depicting iconic symbols in pop culture with an innovative perspective. He draws freely on cartoon characters like Mickey mouse much like a child. The line gracefully across the paper stroke by stroke, bringing each stroke to life vividly and clearly. Simultaneously creating satirical and mocking imagines to provoke contemplation among viewers. This constitutes the core mechanism of Oton’s creative process—an enjoyable job, a pure and innocent picture, free from rules, everything on the same level.

Nicolas Romero’s solo exhibition proceed in parallel

Nicolas Romero born in 1985 in Argentina. He started his art career 20 years ago by creating graffiti on the street of his hometown Buenos Aires, during a prolonged period of military dictatorship lasting eight years. Nicolas expresses his demand for personal liberty through street art. From soft drink bottles to religious periodicals, political symbol, iconic idol and even seemingly simple item like fruits and vegetables can serve as a bridge for him to comment on complex reality. Simultaneously, TING TING Art Space will invite artist himself to the venue of his first solo exhibition in Taiwan, which will proceed in parallel.

 Italian artist Zino’s art pieces made by LEGO

Zino present his works by using untraditional media like LEGO, PVC balls in ambiguous way. His works are favored by major international public institutions, galleries, and art expos. In the process of crafting his images, he undergoes a meaningful transformation of long-held concerns about consumerism, globalization, pop culture, and youth fashion. It’s like objects or characters presented through the tv or internet, being transcended to another meaning through pixilation.

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Art Tainan 2023

Art Tainan showcase diverse forms of art such as painting, sculpture, installations, and video in the city with time-honored history and rich cultural heritage. TING TING Art Space is preparing an exquisite art feast, bringing the works of 16 artists to Silks Place Tainan, and we look forward to meeting you. The venue will be divided into room 700, 701, 702, each reflecting different styles, color tones and themes.

The exhibition theme “Urban Jungle” symbolizes the voices of flora and fauna enthusiasts who refuse to succumb to the cold, concrete urban life. It is not just an adjective, but a lifestyle. No matter how bustling urban life may be, stepping into the exhibition halls of TING TING Art Space where designed as an island in urban jungle, is the perfect heaven for audiences to unwind and appreciate the artworks.

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Art Formosa 2023

Art Formosa adheres to its consistently diverse artistic tone and high-level comprehensive plans, continuing the excellent response from last year as it returns once again this year. Moreover, the realization of “art is life, life is art” aligns with the concept and atmosphere of TING TING Art Space.

This year at Art Formosa, TING TING Art Space showcases the most beloved artists among the audience, including the Italian artist Antonio Cugnetto, known for his comprehensive artistic expressions, and the Swiss artist Gabrielle Graessle, who presents a simple and warm intuitive style. Moreover, a new collaborative artist is introduced – the fresh and pure Spanish artist Oton. TING TING Art Space is devoted to enhancing artistic and cultural communication and is committed to discussing and understanding diversity of culture through various lifestyles and aesthetics. Furthermore, this aims to provide viewers and collectors with a more vibrant viewing experience and a richer appreciation of aesthetic interest!

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Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2023

Dear esteemed art enthusiasts, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming art extravaganza-the 2023 Shanghai 021 Art Expo. This exhibition promises internationally renowned artists, galleries, and collectors at the Shanghai International Art Center.

The exhibition space has been meticulously designed with different areas showcasing each artist’s unique works. Each space is also connected to create a unified sensory experience. The artworks featured in this year’s 021 Art Expo are related to childhood wonder, purity, and the art of healing and soul, all guides the audience to delve deeper into the profound meanings behind each piece.

You can’t miss the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with these exceptional artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts. Share your passion and insight about art.


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West Bund Art and Design Shanghai 2023

Dear all the art connoisseurs, such a pleasure to pronounce that we are about to embark on a journey of 2023 Shanghai West Bund Art and Design Expo!The expo will gather all the art and design elites from all the world. it’s a fusion of diverse cultures and exploration of different forms of art and design!

The curation aims to exhibit the diversity and unpredictable potential of contemporary art materials. Self-illuminating glass sculptures and so on hope to convey the “warm and powerful texture” to art connoisseurs with unique taste.

This time, we invited the artists: Alejandro Monge, Fernando De Ana, Kaja, Ryaskartstyle, Edoardo Cialfi and Cai Yixiu to liven up the exhibition! Also, you might bond with deeper understanding of the stories behind art and design by artist Cai Yixiu himself and gain fresh perspectives on this exhibition.

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Art Taipei 2023

The 30th anniversary of Art Taipei, the Taipei Art Fair, was grandly held at the Taipei World Trade Center, bringing together renowned galleries, artists, and art enthusiasts from around the world. TING TING ART SPACE showcased the works of 16 distinct artists, creating a unique visual feast and adding a vibrant touch to the exhibition!

The booth primarily presented contemporary art using various mediums, such as self-illuminating cast glass, layered wire sculptures, and sculptures breaking through the two-dimensional limitations. It aimed to discover and reunderstand the values within diverse cultures from different perspectives, offering a refreshing and immersive experience.

TING TING Art Space collaborated with internationally acclaimed emerging artists like Moisés, Katharina, Ryaskartstyle, Alejandro, Edoardo, and others, presenting a space for artistic exchange that combines innocent childlike charm, surreal futuristic sensations, and the healing tranquility of emptiness. This collaboration not only conveys the core values of the artists but also guides viewers to delve into the profound meanings behind each artwork, immersing them in this art extravaganza.