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Moisés Yagües X Jisbar duo exhibition

Ting Ting Art Space will present a duo exhibition featuring two artists, Spanish artist Moisés Yagües and French artist Jisbar. The works of Moisés Yagües are characterized by a simple and fresh style, while Jisbar’s pieces are imbued with strong and vivid street colors. Although their styles may seem vastly different, they showcase a harmonious conflict, offering viewers a unique visual experience.

Moisés Yagües

Moisés Yagües, born in 1972 in Spain, possesses a remarkable style characterized by simplicity, clarity, freshness, and harmony. Influenced by illustrators such as Saul Steimber, Tomi Ungerer, Isidro Ferrer, and artists like Basquiat or Keith Haring, Yagües’ creations exhibit a highly liberated form of artistic expression, akin to that of children at play. His works predominantly feature round-headed figures, within which various objects like ladders, flowers, and tightropes are often hidden, suggesting an exploration of the inner world of human complexity. Upon closer inspection, one may even notice embroidery adorning his pieces. Due to his unique narrative language, his works exhibit a wide range of styles, sometimes appearing delicate and refined, while at other times forceful, critical, yet playful. Nevertheless, his creations are consistently imbued with poetry, elegance, and dynamism. Yagües considers his art to be profoundly liberated, akin to the creativity of children. His imagery unveils a new realm of humor to the audience, replete with fantasy and color.

 Your eyes on me, 2021, Acrylic on linen, 130 x 97 cm
Your eyes on me, 2021, Acrylic on linen, 130 x 97 cm
Hands Game, 2022, Acrylic on linen, 81 x 100 cm



Jisbar, originally named Jean-Baptiste Launay, is a French emerging artist born in 1989, known for his strong street-inspired style. Growing up immersed in skateboard park culture and art, these became not just his hobbies but passions that he seamlessly blended through his creativity. Jisbar’s works draw heavily from a variety of elements ranging from fashion, music, pop art, and underground culture to skateboarding and street style codes, all imbued with a kaleidoscope of countless colors, resulting in a concept of punk style and visual freedom. He satirically mimics the discourse of pop and popular culture, and through his own perspective on social issues, translates and reproduces them onto canvas. Additionally, he’s the world’s first artist to reinterpret classical art masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo, Klimt, and Warhol, in a personal style influenced by pop and street art. This astonishing blend has shaped a distinct and unique identity, inspiring many artists and brands worldwide. Each artwork transcends mere replication, as they are rich in text, slogans, numbers, and symbols, constructing new narratives and meanings. Every viewer can find clues within the paintings, as the abundant symbols generate different perspectives, discovering new elements and interpretations with each viewing.

Mona box, 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 130 x 97 cm
Chanel sun flowers, 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 130 x 97 cm


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Art Central 2024

Ting Ting Art Space is making its debut at the prominent Art Central in Central, Hong Kong, a focal event during Hong Kong Art Week. Gathering Asia’s emerging galleries and internationally renowned masters, the exhibition will feature seven artists spanning from playful and bold prints to street art graffiti, from abstract symbols to serene landscapes that offer solace to the soul. Additionally, alongside the paintings, large-scale sculptures will also be showcased.

Sculpture work – “Ashes of History,” created by Spanish artist Alejandro Monge, uses destruction as a new form of creation for reflection. The artwork to be exhibited at Art Central is a realistic series of burnt dollar bills. Monge recreates stacks of bills using paper and acrylic paint, ultimately burning them to ashes. Through the act of burning his own creations and their imagery, Monge satirically embodies his critique of the all-encompassing rule of today’s societal and economic values. This series of works has garnered widespread international media coverage and attention.

Overall, the curatorial layout and arrangement of artworks designed by Ting Ting Art Space revolve around a circular corridor space. Additionally, the exhibition walls cleverly feature a window-like void, enticing both passersby and visitors to explore the artworks placed around it. Ting Ting Art Space aims to evoke interaction between viewers and artworks, as well as diverse aesthetic experiences from different positions and angles through this experimental design.

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One Art 2023

Ting Ting Art Space will make a grand appearance at “ONE ART Taipei 2023 Art Taipei” at the beginning of 2023. This year, One Art Taipei will be exhibited at “JR East Hotel Taipei” from 1/13 (Fri) to 15 (Sun). Ting Ting Art Space is the first and only gallery in the “Presidential Suite” exhibition room, and it also bears the brunt of bringing 12 artists from Europe to exhibit together. This time Ting Ting Art Space also upholds the spirit of promoting the internationalization of art at home and abroad and looks forward to bringing you an art feast that can be enjoyed by many parties.

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Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2022

ART021 Shanghai  Contemporary Art Fair is one of the most anticipated annual art fairs for artists and audiences around the world. It is worth mentioning that this year, Ting Ting Art Space has the honor to participate in the Shanghai Art Week (Shanghai West Bund West Bund and ART021 Shanghai ),  this appearance is meanwhile very meaningful.

Ting Ting Art Space this time brought the wonderful creations of five artists’ artworks from all over the world to 021 Shanghai. The participating artists are Moisés Yagües, Albert Pinya, Jisbar, AMIT KANFI, Oscar Llorens, and they are from Spain, France and Israel .

Ting Ting Art Space’s debut this time is a joint of global artists, allowing the audience to participate in this visual art feast with immersive enjoyment in all directions.

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Art Solo 2022

Nikichi YOSHIDA onsite

ART SOLO emphasizes exquisite solo shows from artists, in which viewers can explore the artist’s works and their creative process in-depth, and provides accurate benchmarks for collection.

TING TING ART SPACE is delighted to participate in Art Solo 2022 with other 40 top galleries around the world. The art fair is scheduled from April 15 to 17 at Taipei Expo Dome, with VIP preview on April 14. Our presentation includes emerging artists from Europe and Japan, Moisés YAGÜES, Jisbar LAUNAY, and Nikichi YOSHIDA.

Each of our sectors in the art fair interpreted distinguished characteristics of the three artists.

Moisés Yagües

Moisés Yagües imagines the interior of the human head and body as a place where stories take place, where ideas come to life and take literal meaning.

artsolo moise
artsolo moise compressed 1


From softly sculpted objects to expressive figures, Nikichi hopes to bring laughter with his warm feelings to everyone through his works.

Nikichi YOSHIDA onsite
Nikichi YOSHIDA onsite photo


Through a myriad of colors, Jisbar spreads a punk style and a sort of pictorial freedom. The artist approaches with irony the references the pop culture. 

Jisbar LAUNAY onsite photo
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Art Taichung 2022

art taichung website

Art has been a fundamental essence of Taichung for an extensive period of time. With the inauguration of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 1988, an environment to appreciate a diverse array of art has since been opened to the general public. Other cultural and art activities have also been actively taking place in the city, with large areas of natural green zones created through fantastic urban planning which also works well with Taichung’s pleasant weather. Cultural commercial areas are interlaced with luscious trees and other vegetation, blending together areas that the city’s residents can enjoy in their everyday lives, as Taichung continues to be selected on several occasions as the most livable city in Taiwan.

Departing from the deep-rooted progress made in the past fives years, the 10th ART TAICHUNG 2022 will take place this year from July  15th to 17th at the The Lin Hotel Taichung. The overarching theme of this year is Perceptual Dimensions: Sculptures in the Citywhich will focus on how to elevate a city’s aesthetic sense and how to redefine a city’s ethos and ideology. By expanding the art collector demographic and invigorating the art market, ART TAICHUNG 2022 aims at creating a distinctive international art event in Taiwan. Bringing together 77 exhibitors, including 69 Taiwanese galleries, 5 overseas galleries, and 4 youth awards. More than 500 artists and 3,000 splendid artistic creations from home and abroad will be presented in the brand-new location – the 8th to 11th floors of the Lin Hotel in Taichung (the 7th floor is the ticket office and the conference service desk), and the exhibition will be more popular with a novel online exhibition hall preview.

The online exhibition hall has been officially opened at 10:00 am on July 6, 2022 (Wednesday), and the exhibition hall will be open until 7/19 (Tue) 23:59. The public is sincerely invited to use an innovative online method – ART TAICHUNG 2022 x Non-Chizhong Art Online Exhibition Hall OVR, visit the wonderful works of participating artists at Art Taichung!
Online Exhibition :

Ting Ting Art Space is very pleased to participate in the 2022 Taichung Art Fair together with top galleries from home and abroad, bringing artists from all over the world – Moisés Yagües, Albert Pinya, Nicolás Romero, Jisbar, Harry Bunce and Taiwanese emerging artist Chen Xuanyu who won the Taiwan New Artist Award.

ART TAICHUNG 2022 Taichung Art Fair Exhibition Information
VIP Preview|2022 / 07 / 14 (Thu) 15:00 – 19:00
Exhibition Date|2022 / 07 / 15 (Fri) – 17 (Sun)
Opening Hours|12:00 – 19:00 (July 17th to 6:00pm)
Exhibition Venue|Taichung Lin Hotel (No. 99, Chaofu Road, Xitun District, Taichung City)

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Moisés Yagües

Moises Yagues 彩色1;1

Moises Yagues was born in Murcia, Spain in 1972. A self-taught artist, he has studied a variety of techniques from painting to printmaking and film. He is one of the resident artists at “la Persiana Naranja”, an art and studio space in Murcia. Now a master printer, he has exhibited his work in several European countries. His latest work comments on the very controversial issue of immigration and the arbitrary nature of borders.

Moisés Yagües imagines the interior of the human head and body as a place where stories take place, where ideas come to life and take literal meaning. His cartoonish characters, full of energy and tenderness, already cause smiles all around the world due to his exhibitions in Germany, Mexico, Chile, China, the United States and Japan, to name a few.

His admiration for the great masters appears in ‘Parallel Universes’ through two recreations of works by Mark Rothko and Pierre Mondrian, intervened by his recurring “helpers” who, with their rollers, ladders, scaffolding and paint buckets, strive to finish the art piece. These tiny characters also appear populating a game of Tetris, to which they help to bring order.

His figuration of surreal situations and schematic characters finds its influences in comics, illustration, pop art and street art, among others. He continues his search of the freest creation and a completely personal universe, with a fresh and carefree style, a well-established iconography and a desire to tell stories that has also led him to a facet as an illustrator of books for children and adults. He has also been the recipient of various awards and scholarships such as the Casa Falconieri in Italy or the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca, and artistic residencies in China, Romania, Slovenia, Italy and Germany.


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Art Taichung 2021

Óscar Llorens

TING TING ART SPACE brings the creations from multiple emerging artists overseas and Taiwan for ART TAICHUNG.

The biggest highlight of the exhibition space is the bathroom which was build with utmost care by artists Judas Arrieta, Oscar Llorens and Viktoria Veisbrut. 

Entering this space, you can see toy banknotes covering floor and bathtub. In addition, these connects with different works ingeniously.

The creations of the three young artists merge the classic creations of art history, as well as materials such as cartoons and contemporary trend brands, reflecting the creative energy of emerging art creators.