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Edoardo Cialfi

Edoardo Cialfi studied at the Alpinolo Magnini Academy of Art and then obtained a First Class Academic Diploma in Painting and Visual Arts at the LABA in Florence. Currently studying a two-year specialization in Art-Cultural Mediation in Painting Studio Direction at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona.

His art started in 2008, when he started using the aerosol medium, and in 2012 he started doing street art groups. In an academic setting, however, he decided to move his research away from walls to more traditional flat surfaces such as canvas, wood or cardboard. He began working on a reinterpretation of archetypal pictorial languages, especially the genre of landscape painting, but maintaining a strong connection to his origins, creating his aerosol works. In the works presented this time, on the one hand, the urban countryside shrouded in smog is printed on canvas with spray cans and oil paint; on the other hand, the tangible and three-dimensional structure is between photography and sculpture.

His reinterpretation of landscapes is more than an aesthetic manipulation. He tried to use two fields to express two different concepts: fog and storm. Fog is the medium through which he attempts to represent the isolation and insecurity that characterizes contemporary man. Storm, on the other hand, is his means of trying to express the concept of nature as a threat, an autonomous, impartial entity capable of loathing human existence, and these landscapes are the domains of his birth and life.