Art Taichung 2023

Jul 13, 2023 - Jul 16, 2023
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Ting Ting Art Space collaborates with the Art Taichung Expo to conceive and curate a unique exhibition experience, tailoring creative concepts for diverse regions and exhibition spaces, aiming to create an internationally inspired yet locally rooted showcase. Meanwhile, we aspire to grow together with Taiwan’s art industry, fostering a society infused with artistic atmosphere.

Highlight of the exhibition—Spanish artist Oton’s new pieces

Artist Oton excels at depicting iconic symbols in pop culture with an innovative perspective. He draws freely on cartoon characters like Mickey mouse much like a child. The line gracefully across the paper stroke by stroke, bringing each stroke to life vividly and clearly. Simultaneously creating satirical and mocking imagines to provoke contemplation among viewers. This constitutes the core mechanism of Oton’s creative process—an enjoyable job, a pure and innocent picture, free from rules, everything on the same level.

Nicolas Romero’s solo exhibition proceed in parallel

Nicolas Romero born in 1985 in Argentina. He started his art career 20 years ago by creating graffiti on the street of his hometown Buenos Aires, during a prolonged period of military dictatorship lasting eight years. Nicolas expresses his demand for personal liberty through street art. From soft drink bottles to religious periodicals, political symbol, iconic idol and even seemingly simple item like fruits and vegetables can serve as a bridge for him to comment on complex reality. Simultaneously, TING TING Art Space will invite artist himself to the venue of his first solo exhibition in Taiwan, which will proceed in parallel.

 Italian artist Zino’s art pieces made by LEGO

Zino present his works by using untraditional media like LEGO, PVC balls in ambiguous way. His works are favored by major international public institutions, galleries, and art expos. In the process of crafting his images, he undergoes a meaningful transformation of long-held concerns about consumerism, globalization, pop culture, and youth fashion. It’s like objects or characters presented through the tv or internet, being transcended to another meaning through pixilation.

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