Whatz 2023

May 26, 2023 - May 28, 2023
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TING TING Art Space presents 12 European artists this time, including Antonio Cugnetto, Albert Pinya, Dima Kashtalyan, Daniele Oldani, Harry Bunce, Jisbar, Jose Macias, Katharina Arndt, Luigi Franchi aka Zino, Miguel Angel Funez, Moises Yagues, Santi Lara. Embracing the spirit of promoting the internationalization of art, conveying the diverse contemporary art to viewers and collectors.

Highlights of the exhibition— Brandnew works of Spanish artist Moises Yagues

Moises Yagues presents diverse styles in his works with either exquisite, bold, or satirical elements. However, he always sets the graceful yet vibrant tone for his work. Moises considers his works children’s painting with free and natural color, giving the audience a brand-new impression of Spanish artists.

Objets d’art of Spanish artists Katharina Arndt

 Compared to Moises Yagues, Katharina Arndt is known for unrestrained, free, and colorful themes in her works. Audiences appear to immerse themselves in her life in Barcelona through the images of beaches, sunbathing, cats, and dogs. The core of her art works revolves around the theme of how the internet influences the world by drawing cartoon-like characters. This reflects how we express and sometimes lose ourselves in the virtual world.

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