Art Tainan 2024

Mar 14, 2024 - Mar 17, 2024
700台南市中西區和意路1號 台南晶英酒店
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Ting Ting Art Space will participate in the 2024 Tainan Art Expo, held at the Silks Place Tainan from March 14th to March 17th. As the first major art event of the spring in Taiwan, the Tainan Art Expo is set to become a significant milestone for exhibitions and collections in Taiwan in 2024. Ting Ting Art Space will collaborate with 13 European and Japanese artists, connecting three exhibition halls to showcase contemporary and visually impactful artworks. This will provide art enthusiasts and collectors with a unique and distinctive exhibition experience.

  • Spanish artist Moisés Yagues presents his latest work.

Artist Moisés Yagues’ works are characterized by simplicity, clarity, freshness, and harmony. His imagery is sometimes delicate, sometimes powerful, critical, or humorous. Mostly featuring round-headed figures, he portrays the inner world of characters often accompanied by elements such as ladders, flowers, and cables, evoking a sense of poetry, elegance, and dynamism. In this exhibition, Ting Ting Art Space will present the artist’s latest works, anticipating to unveil a new world of humor and imagination for the viewers. 

  • Surrealist sculptor Alejandro Monge’s large-scale figurative works.

On the 6th floor public exhibition area, visitors can admire the large-scale figurative sculptures by Spanish artist Alejandro Monge. Skillfully employing trompe-l’oeil techniques, reminiscent of his expertise in surrealistic painting, Monge aims to deceive the viewer’s eyes and transcend the limitations of two-dimensionality. Now focusing more on sculpture and installation art, his works delve deep into reflecting and questioning contemporary societal values.

  • Rhys brown Vegan Gyotak T-shirt

Artist Rhys is renowned for his childhood-favorite relief style, flattened plush printing, and oversized teddy bear paintings. This creative technique, named Vegan Gyotak by Rhys, draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of fish printing, known as Gyotaku, and evokes memories of the French post-war avant-garde artist Yves Klein’s “Untitled Anthropometry.” His method of creation is based on the dynamics of the body and the amount of ink in specific areas, making each Gyotak print unique. Ting Ting Art Space will also release limited edition Rhys Brown T-shirts, allowing visitors not only to enjoy the exhibition but also to wear their childhood memories.



Collector preview

3/14 15:00-19:00

Public days

3/15 12:00-19:00

3/16 12:00-19:00

3/17 12:00-18:00

Location : Silks Place Tainan  6F~7F

Room:600.601.602 + 6F public space




Antonio Cugnetto

Nicolás Romero

Óscar LIorens

Dima Kashtalyan



Gemma Holzer

Rhys Brown

Katharina Arndt

Edoardo Cialfi

Moisés Yagues

Alejandro Monge


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