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Dima Kashtalyan

Belarusian artist, illustrator and street artist currently living in Poland. He works with a relatively primitive but meticulous stylistic technique and refers to his work as pointillism.

Dima said: All my photos reflect my inner world, my emotions, my life positions and principles. I only paint what I sincerely believe in and think is worth doing, even if it’s unpopular or not that common.Art has a strong influence on people, and the way it does so depends on the author and those who bring the object of art to the public. Before creating new work, I carefully consider the ideas, messages, and artistic means that I want to make a point.In my art I always ask questions that are relevant both to modern society and to individuals. For this I mostly use well known objects and give them non-standard form and symbolism. Additionally, I try to develop and maintain my signature style with each production.To enhance the effect of my artwork, I use large format and carefully detail each piece. In this case, a person is more likely to stay at work to check it out and appreciate how much time and effort went into the picture.Also, when creating a new job, I always try to make it better and more interesting than the previous job, thus developing my skills while drawing.