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David Horgan

David is a London-based artist interested in social commentary. His works are full of metaphorical stories, as well as conveying fictional narratives gathered from life, often expressing figurative scenes in a fast-paced, raw, and emotive style, all of which are full of positive and lively sense of humor.

His creative inspirations mainly arise from the fusion of everyday experiences with popular culture and imagery. Whether it’s wallpapers, literature, poetry, a piece of clothing, people on the streets, an interesting sound, any texture or color, and, well, his wife dancing! 

David usually uses acrylic. He likes the immediacy of acrylic, which satisfies him is that he likes to paint quickly, showing the vividness of brush strokes and mixed colors. David also creates monochromatic screen prints, building in multiple layers in a spontaneous and unplanned manner.

He was influenced by so many, but in terms of modernity, Henry Taylor, Chantal Joffe, Danny Fox, Jordy Kerwick a,nd Cassi Namoda are some of the artists who had inspired him the most.