Fabio Viale

Italy, 1975
Fabio Viale
Door release, 2022, White marble and pigments, 68 x 30 x 35 cm


Fabio uses the traditional but classic medium—marble, to reflect on contemporary thoughts and behaviors, and from the perspective of art history, especially Italian sculpture history, to explore how past classic works are constructed and continue to influence human belief and ideal symbol. His profound carving skills allow the hard medium of marble to accurately represent everyday objects and figures, just like the texture of paper, rubber or tattooed skin.

Two different visual cultures coexist in Fabio’s works: one is the aesthetics of Western art history and the spirit of flawless creation, and the other is the traditional Japanese technique of tattoo art. However, the artist deliberately treated the material of the sculpture like foam plastic, shaping it with this texture and deliberate flaws. The unreality of the sculpture not only reminds people of highly commercialized religious icons, but also mocks the commodity under Marxism. worship. In addition, his precise handling of detail and materials is the best interpretation of these powerful symbols and re-contextualization of everyday objects, and the irony generated by his clever appropriation and manipulation is what makes these sculptures truly unique and thought-provoking. 

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Fabio Viale, Door release,
Door release, 2022, White marble and pigments, 68 x 30 x 35 cm