Austyn Taylor

USA, 1985


For 7 years Taylor has worked in studios around the world as a resident artist. Formerly trained as a painter and philosopher in New York and once an art teacher for the youths of Denver, Colorado she has lectured on sculpture and art history at UCLA, CCA, SFAI,
MSU, CCAFA and Alfred University. Currently based in Mendocino, CA, USA.

Taylor’s sculptures illustrate the absurdist humor (cognitive dissonance) one has when trying to hold both “realism” and “optimism” as one’s values. She uses imagery from hand-drawn animation, modern art and ancient sculpture to drum home friendly adages like, “everyone is trying their best.”

Austyn Taylor’s artistic vision grows from a pop-folk aesthetic drawing from animism and animation. The sculptures give body to mercurial consciousness, transforming and navigating different bodies. Her visual thesis centers on belonging, the inner strength conjured in alienation and the surprising joy of unconditional love. Her work is for all folks, it functions to be accessible while holding curiosity at depths which sensitive authorities can explore.

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